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Protect Your Home Investment with Steel Roofing / Metal Roofing – A Permanent Roofing Solution for your home or business!

Drip. Drip.  You’ve got a leak in your roof and it’s nothing to smile about. Knowing very little about metal roofing, you call a local roofing company which replaces your roof with new asphalt shingles, dumping the old ones into the local landfill among thousands of other old asphalt roofing shingles. Ten years later… You’ve got a leak in your roof AGAIN! Your asphalt shingles have not stood the test of time and need to be replaced. This time, as an educated homeowner, you learn about the benefits of metal roofing and call Double AA Roofing. Double AA Roofing’s professionally trained crew installs the unique 4-way interlocking permanent metal roofing shingles. Its clean contemporary look and coordinating color adds beauty and functionality to your home coming in both slate, cedar and traditional singles styles. You sit indoors as the rain flows quietly over the smooth metal shingles. You smile as you reflect on the many benefits of metal roofing : your metal roof is affordable, durable in all weather, and improves the value of your home. It looks great, saves on energy costs, has a lifetime warranty and is environmentally friendly. Most importantly, it’s your final roof. No more replacements or leaks! Twenty years later… You’re still smiling about the many benefits of your metal roof. There are no more leaks and you’ve added value to your most important investment – your home. Forty years later… Still smiling! Double AA Roofing is your Southwestern Ontario Metal Roofing Expert, since 2003. We have many years experience installing and repairing conventional asphalt roofs. However with the advancements and benefits in metal roofing not only can we give your home the appearance of cedar shakes or slate, or unique Victorian patterns, but we can Guarantee that roof for a Lifetime.

Your new Metal Roof will Finally be the Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy. Call us today at 1-800-901-6884 to learn more!

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