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Metal Roofing Chatham-Kent

Jul 13, 2016, by Abstract Marketing,

Double AA Metal Roofing has bee providing residents in Chatham-Kent with durable and beautiful metal roofs for years. We offer only the highest quality metal roofing material available in the area, allowing you the ability to treat yourself to the last roof you will ever need to purchase. We have an inventory with over 80 metal roofing products, ensuring that no matter the application, from residential to commercial, we have a metal roof for you.

Let our fully certified, WSIB insured metal roofing team serve you, allowing you to have a metal roofing experience that is as enjoyable as possible.

Excellent metal roof warranties

Unlike other metal roofing companies, our long lasting warranties cover a variety of issues, not just manufacturing defects. Our Chatham-Kent metal roof warranties cover wear and tear as well, whether you’re finding cracking, peeling, rusting and flaking.

Our quality metal roofs are built and installed with Chatham-Kent’s unpredictable weather conditions in mind. Able to sustain over 120mph winds and equipped with a class-4 hail rating, your metal roof will remain solid while keeping your home safe.

Environmentally friendly mental roofs

Increase the efficiency of your Chatham-Kent home with one of our Energy Star Rated metal roofs. Our metal roofs are all manufactured using recycled materials and are completely solar panel ready.

We can visit your Chatham-Kent home to give you an accurate metal roofing quote.

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