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Reviews– Double AA Roofing Reviews

To understand why metal has become the new wave in roofing take a few moments to review the many benefits. For more information about a new roof or roof repairs contact Double AA Roofing today.

William Atikinson


Please extend my congratulations to the team of workers who installed the metal roofing on my 80-year old home.

They were very professional in their work.

  1. They worked with a high degree of safety. They were always tied off with their safety harnesses when in the boom on and off the roof.
  2. They always kept us informed as to what they were doing and asked for our permission when they had to re locate their equipment.
  3. They worked long hours to ensure that our roof was waterproofed before the end of the working day. Most days were 10-12 hours long
  4. It was extremely hot during these days when they installed our roof. They would work for about 2 hours then break to cool off and replenish with water.

A very devoted crew!

We were skeptical about the noise during the rainstorm. It rained the next day after they finished and we never heard any amount of noise from the metal roofing. This was a huge relieve for us.

Every week I received and email from the company keeping e up to date with the starting date for the job. This was much appreciated as our job would take about 10 days to complete.

I highly recommend this Double AA Metal Roofing.

William & Nancy Atkinson

5448 Concession 5 North, Amherstburg


William Atkinson

Good day to you,

Last year we had our roof done by you. I can tell you we are so pleased with the new roof. We have had no worries with the storms we have been having. We also receive compliments on the nice look it gives to the house. I also want to say thank you for helping the Kiwanis Camp with the roof. It was touched by you and your crews generosity. A member of our church is affiliated with the camp and it was so sad last year. Thank you for being a great community hero.

Diane Woollison
Pleased Customer

There was an original metal roof put on this building in 1979. As it held up so well, we knew that when it came time a metal roof would be the way to go. In December of this past year our existing roof started to flood, in a bad way. At this time of the year the weather wasn’t right for a full replacement, but Tim and the team came very soon after my call to repair what they could until it was time for a full replacement. Shortly after a new Metal Roof was put on in two days. They did an amazing job!

There is no question that a metal roof with Double AA Metal roofing is the way to go!! So professional, and worked hard to get this done ASAP.

Lauren Wells
Pleasant Park Kennels Ltd.

Tim and the crew are outstanding! A great crew along with a great product have made all the difference. Go Metal! It really is the most economical way. Tim and the crew get an A+

George and Sue Velickovic

We were in the market for a new roof and so we started looking around our neighborhood and beyond to see what other people were doing with their roofs. We saw a home not too far from us with a beautiful metal roof and the Double AA Metal Roofing sign was on the front yard. We had not considered a metal roof previously, but once we saw how beautiful that roof was, we decided to investigate further. Doing our research, we discovered that metal roofs were much more long-lasting than the conventional shingle roofing material. Once we decided to go with a metal roof, we had a few different companies give us quotes but Double AA Metal Roofing by far was the superior company and product.

We found Tim and his whole team to be so professional and knowledgeable about their product and also dedicated to safety in every aspect of the job. They were neat and clean and very hardworking.

We love our metal roof! Contrary to many people’s belief, metal roofs are very quiet. Also, knowing that this is a “forever roof” gives us great comfort! We know that our money was well spent and our roof will last a lifetime!

Dr. Rajen and Anne Chetty

Special thanks to your installation crew. This was not an easy project. They did a great job!

Randy Miklos

Your crew, Pete, Jamie, and Gerardo, were excellent. They were professional, courteous and friendly and made sure their work was completed in a timely matter. They made sure after they were done for the day, everything was cleaned up and ready for the next day work. I would recommend your company and this crew to others wanting a steel roof. Mark, sales associate, also very good and knowledgeable. You are a fortunate and lucky company to have such dedicated and hard working employees.

John and Nancy

Tim: A “Sincere” thanks for helping with the family project. It was completed with great skill, the attention to detail was appreciated!

Mr. Croker

Dear Tim: Thanks again for coming up with a solution for our flat roof! I believe one would call that thinking outside the box! The team that did the work were very professional, as per prior experiences!

Stephanie & Peter

Best Experience in my almost 70 years dealing with Sub-Contractors

George & Susan Velickovic

Very Happy with both the product and the entire staff /crew I dealt with, 5 Stars!

Barry Smith

I was not happy to be putting a new roof on a 5 year old house (we just built it!) If I would have known of the winds we going to have we would have done it right the first time! The Roof is so beautiful, it takes some of the sting way

Barbara Rybsky

My wife and I would like to say thank you for our new roof. Your workers have done an excellent job and all the neighbours have had positive compliments of the finished product. The chimney came out better than I had hoped.

B& B Hebblethwaite

My recommendation to anyone who does not have a Double AA roof is that you do not know what you are missing until you get one. Increase house value, dependable warranty, great product, lower heating and cooling bills and overall peace of mind are only a few of the great benefits. I highly recommend this roof to anyone and would welcome anyone to come see my roof so I can share my experience with them. Thank you Double AA Roofing for this roof and your professionalism.

Felice Gualdieri

While it is the third time we have needed your professional expertise, we continue to be completely satisfied with the experience. Having to replace our entire large roof was not something we anticipated nor looked forward to. However, as in the past, you delivered on every aspect of the job: you carefully educated us on the benefits of the materials chosen; you scheduled our project and showed up on time; your crew was professional and hard-working and very polite. Our landscaping was treated with the utmost care and our property was left clean and tidy. Additionally, the project cost was fair and reasonable. The end result was two very happy customers and a home with great curb appeal! I would be more than happy to recommend your services. Thanks again

Greg and Pat French

I wish to thank Double AA Roofing for the wonderful job they did on my roof. It looks beautiful. They cleaned up after themselves and were very efficient. Everything was done to my satisfaction: decent and in order. I know I shall be happy with this new metal roof for many years to come. I would recommend metal roofs to anyone over shingles. I will never have to worry about leaks again.

J. Thibeault

On July 31, 2007 your company installed a steel/slate roof on our home. We are writing to let you know how pleased we are with the results. We have had many compliments on how nice it looks from both neighbours and strangers. Thanks for bringing this product to our area. The installers were very pleasant and polite. They also did a good job cleaning up afterwards. Your estimator was very polite and informative. We knew the quality of your work because last December you installed a steel roof on our garage, although a different product. We have peace of mind knowing the roof is guaranteed for life and transferable for 50 years. We will never have to replace another roof and we won’t be responsible for filling our landfills with regular shingles every 10-15 years. Keep up the good work!

R. & P. Humber

Thank you once again for promptly responding to our leak. Abe and his staff completed our roof in an efficient and professional manner at a very reasonable cost. They have provided exceptional service in correcting an existing problem. We were extremely pleased with the job Double AA Roofing did, and highly recommend them.

Dean & Jennifer Tiessen

Thanks for replacing our shingles in June (of 2006). Our roof leaks no more! You showed up when you told us you would. The workers worked very hard and finished the job in one day. There was no debris left when the job was finished. Thanks again.

Stu & Debbie Campbell

I am very happy with my new metal roof which enhances the appearance of our property and has impressed our friends and neighbours considerably. The workers are industrious, courteous and always clean up the workplace when done. It has been a pleasure doing business with Double AA Roofing.

Joyce Tymec

Double AA Roofing, thanks so much! I am so pleased with the workmanship done as well as the cleanup around the church. My neighbours watch out for me, and gave me a great report as to minimal noise and interference with them while you did my roof. In our small community, I need to have trustworthy people working in and around my home. I didn’t have a minute of worry with the quality and character of you and your crew. I came home to nothing out of place and clean up both inside and out. Thanks so much for doing my roof so quickly and well. I certainly recommend your company.

Linda Thomson

A note to thank you for the way you handled the job of re-roofing my house. The workers were on time and when they finished, my property looked as if it had not been touched. The shingles look great. I am completely satisfied. I would recommend Double AA Roofing to everyone.

Darrell Broadbent

We want to thank you for your very professional service, for the shingle recommendation, and the good plan for the improved ventilation. It works better than the power roof vent. The additional vents seem to make the difference without the cost of hydro and repair or exchange motor. Mary complimented the timely manner in which the large roof was replaced. We both are very happy with cleanup. The staff was perfect! The men were happy with the job and we can’t say more than THANK YOU. We recommend you to anyone who needs a new roof. People can drive by for an inspection if they wish.

Herman and Mary DeGoey

I would like to thank you and your crew for the work you did on my roof. They showed professionalism and are very hard workers. The work that was performed was great. They did a great job at leaving no debris behind.

The Marcoveechio’s

Back in November of 2003, you replaced the roof on The Little Essex Bed & Breakfast. Out of three estimates, yours was the most reasonable and you actually seemed eager to take on a project as small as ours. The big issue for us was an addition to the house that has an almost flat roof. It had a history of leaking. In light of the substantial costs associated with flat roofs, we decided to tackle this part of the project ourselves. Your task was to integrate your work with ours so that the two roofs blended properly. You did a terrific job on the rest of the B&B, but most importantly to us, you really went the extra mile to ensure that everything sealed properly where the two roofs joined. You provided extra service without extra cost. We believe that you did this in order to create a truly satisfied customer. You are the best! We’ve gone through a rough winter with freezing, thawing, and raining all mixed in together and not a drop! Once again, I can sleep at night when it rains without worrying about a puddle when I wake up. Take this letter as our solid endorsement. We recommend your company to all our friends. Keep up the good work.

Leona Tomkins

We purchased a new home 6 years ago and from the day we moved in we had problems with our roof. The asphalt shingles had never sealed and we reported it to the builder within days of our moving in. But, nothing worked and no one would take responsibility. The builder blamed the shingles, the supplier blamed the manufacturer and the manufacturer blamed the way they were installed and on and on. It didn’t matter if we reported it the day after installation or 3 years later, it was our problem, not theirs. So we called Double AA Roofing and we were amazed that there was a company out there who would take responsibility for their roofing product. Our Neighbours remarked constantly how neat and tidy and careful Double AA Roofing was, our gardens and shrubs were left in perfect condition. They are also very impressed with the finished look and I often see them pointing to our roof and explaining how it was installed to their family and friends who are visiting. We LOVE our new roof!!!! I was worried about it being noisy but it has made our house extremely quiet and protects us much better from the elements of weather. It was the best investment for our home that we could ever make and we are so happy now that we don’t have to worry about losing shingles every time there is wind and there is a lot of wind were we live. Thank you Double AA Roofing for giving us back the joy of home ownership and our peace of mind!! We recommend you highly to everyone!!!

Bob and Kathy Willan

I want to personally thank you and your crew for the outstanding job you did on our home and barn located in Tilbury. Before we contracted your services, we had contacted several different roofing companies since we didn’t really know what we wanted. When we first saw your product, we knew right away that a metal roof was our answer. There was another perk to our new roof that we really appreciated. We have actually realized a reduction in our heating and cooling bills due to the insulation factor of the roof. The roof is quiet, energy efficient and beautiful.

Pat and Joe Evangelisti


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