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Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about our metal roofing systems

Are metal roofs louder than other roofs?Matovski.705.12125DimuDr.Tecumseh.EDCO.ShakeEnhanced.RoyalBrown(14)
This is a favorite myth about metal roofs. A study conducted by the Acoustic Group found that the sound from a metal roof was only 6 decibels greater than that of a conventional asphalt roof. This is about the sound of a whisper.

Are metal roofs heavier than traditional roofs?
This is another myth about metal roofs. Most metal shingles are actually only one-fifth the weight of traditional asphalt shingles.

How do metal roofs stand up in hurricanes, high winds, earthquakes or other disasters?
Metal roofs stand up incredibly well in extreme weather, far above building code requirements. Most have a wind resistance of up to 160mph. To put that in context, winds during Hurricane Sandy reached 75-95mph as a category 1 hurricane.

Can I walk on the metal roof after it is installed?
Yes, but like with any roof, care should always be taken.Dimu.966.12127EmmaMariaCres.Tecumseh.Ideal.WB.BlackMica(3)

Can a metal roof reduce my energy bills?
The metal in our roofing systems will reflect the majority of the rays from the sun and therefore minimizes any heat build-up in your attic. Most of our products are EnergyStar rated which means that, in most cases, you will have a cooler attic when combined with proper ventilation and insulation.

Can I install metal shingles over my existing shingles or roof?
Yes! Because metal roofs are so versatile, they usually can be installed right over your existing roof. There is no cause for concern in going over top of the existing shingles provided you have 1-2 layers only. Going over top will actually act as insulation.

Do metal roofs or metal shingles attract lightning?
No! This is false. Think of your metal gutters currently. Do they attract lightning?

Do metal roofs rust?
No, not in your lifetime. In the event of rust, you are fully covered by your manufacturer’s

What about pests?
Metal roofs resist infestations of insects and other critters that can make their homes in conventional wood or asphalt shingles.

How long should I expect my roof to last?
A Double AA Metal Roofing system should be the last roof that you ever buy. Our systems have been designed to withstand the extreme cold and blistering heat of our geographic region. Our products include the best warranties available.

How do metal roofs compare in price to other roofs?
While metal roofs do cost more up front, they are actually more cost effective in the long run because they last a lifetime. In other words, it’s the last roof you’ll ever buy and you won’t have to replace it. Considering inflation over time, the cost now will be long forgotten in just a few short years. Double AA Metal Roofing Inc. is proud to say that it has NEVER
had a customer who regretted having a metal roof installed.

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