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Metal Roofing Benefits

End Roof Anxiety Syndrome Once and For All!

Double AA Metal Roofing has coined the phrase “Roof Anxiety Syndrome” or RAS. The definition of RAS is as follows: “the persistent thought that one day you will need to replace your asphalt roof.” A typical homeowner feels great when their roof is initially installed and have no symptoms of RAS; however, over time (about 5-10 years) symptoms such as anxiety, nervousness, sweaty palms, and shortness of breath begin to appear. As your roof ages these symptoms become more severe and the homeowner comes to the realization after 10-15 years that they will have to replace their roof. If left unchecked, these conditions can worsen and become extreme causing great havoc.

THE GOOD NEWS! There is a cure to Roof Anxiety Syndrome: A Double AA Metal Roofing System is the Cure!

Installing a Double AA roof will avoid symptoms of RAS once and for all! Additionally, the transfer-ability of our warranties, will ensure that the terrible symptoms of RAS will be avoided for future homeowners! “Finally, the LAST roof you’ll ever buy!”

Understanding Metal Roofing “Systems”


Double AA Metal Roofing offers metal roofing systems that are permanent, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, our systems take into consideration, not just the outer shell of the roof, but also what’s happening in your attic.

The number one reason that metal roofing is becoming so popular with consumers is the fact that they last an extremely long time. Specific manufacturing warranties do vary by manufacturer; however, in most cases customers are covered against, not only manufacturing defects, but also wear and tear for at least forty years. Wear and tear typically includes rusting, cracking, peeling, flaking, and discolouration. Most warranties offered are transferable to the next owner of your home. Your metal roofing specialist will clearly explain specific manufacturer warranties and what they cover during a free, no obligation visit to your home.

Energy Efficiency:
A second, but very important feature of metal roofing systems are their energy efficient properties. Nearly all Double AA Metal Roofing products are Energy Star® rated. This means that a minimum of 25% of the sun’s rays will reflect off the surface and not absorb into the structure below. This feature combined with proper ventilation will make your home healthier and save you money.

Attic Ventilation:
Often overlooked by both homeowners and contractors, ventilation is key to the health of your roof and your living space. Double AA Metal Roofing Specialists will assess your home’s current attic airflow and compare that to your local building code. In many cases your air intake and exhaust may require changes that will dramatically improve the way your home ventilates with little to no extra cost. Another considerations associated with your attic involves how well it is insulated. Click here to learn more


Other Benefits of Metal Roofing You Can’t Ignore:


Long-term savings:Not only does your metal roofing system reduce the stress of losing shingles in high winds and leaks after major storms, but a Double AA Metal Roofing system is a once in a life-time investment that reduces energy costs and years of replacing asphalt shingles. A permanent metal roofing system pays for itself over time.

Attractive and Lightweight: Metal roofing systems are aesthetically pleasing to the eye with their vibrant colours and finishes. The variety of styles and colours ensures that they will look great on any type of roof! In addition, their lightweight design does not put extra burden on your structure below. Metal shingles are typically less than 1/3 the weight of a regular asphalt shingle for the same unit area.

Rust resistant: The rust resistance of Double AA Metal Roofing products comes from two sources; 1) All products are made from galvanized or GALVALUME coated steel. This means that the base metal is coated with zinc at the factory. 2) The outer zinc coating is painted with products that contain the latest weather resistant technology available (Kynar 500® resin as an example).
Ignore those high winds from now on: Double AA Metal Roofing’s products resist winds in excess of 100 mph (160 km/h). This feature is achieved with interlocking panels that lock together and are fastened to the roof with screws. This design will eliminate the chances of roof issues during the most severe storms.

100% Recyclable:Although asphalt shingles continue to plague our landfills as they are replaced every 10-15 years, steel shingles are made in part from recycled steel and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long-extended lifecycle.

Increase home resale value: Metal roofs retain their value, plain and simple. Although the initial cost is higher compared to traditional roofing materials, the fact that they last much, much longer and warranties are fully transferable, should you sell your home, homeowners can recover large percentages of that initial investment upon sale. In other words, you won’t have to give up money in your home’s selling price because your roof is in bad shape, and in many cases, the selling price of your home is higher because of your metal roof.

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