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Aren’t Metal Roofs Noisy?

Sep 10, 2015, by Tim Eansor, News and Promotions

A common misconception about permanent metal roofs is that they are noisy when it rains. This is not true at all. The reason for this common belief is that barn roofs create a drum effect which enhances the sound of the rain. The drum effect is created by the fact that metal barn roofs are completely exposed inside the flickr-2613628775-originalbarn. Additionally, the ribbed steel used to install barn roofs are only fastened down to the trusses of the barn, allowing for vibration between fasteners. Permanent metal roofing systems on your home are installed in such a way that they cushion sound. It is because a metal roof’s fastening system consists of a four way locking system and vapor barrier that the rain does not make excess noise. In addition, your home will have interior building materials such as drywall, insulation, and so on, that will keep extra noise from penetrating into your living space. A study by the Acoustic Group found that the sound from a metal roof was only six decibels greater than that of a regular asphalt roof. This change in decibel is not audible to the human ear.

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