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Metal Shingles Chatham-Kent

Metal Shingles Chatham-Kent

Jan 3, 2017, by Abstract Marketing,

Let Double AA Metal Roofing give your Chatham-Kent home the last roof it will ever need with our high quality and long lasting metal shingles. Homeowners in Chatham-Kent know that our metal shingles are designed to outlast all traditional roofing materials, giving you a beautiful roof that lasts for decades. Browse our large inventory, with over 80 metal shingle styles to choose from, to find the ideal product for your roof, whether residential or commercial.

Let our fully certified and WSIB insured metal shingle installation team give you the most pleasant metal roofing experience available.

Sturdy metal shingles

Give your Chatham-Kent home decades of protection from the elements with our high quality metal shingles. Though the initial investment in metal shingles is higher than traditional roofing products, metal shingles have a much longer lifespan.

Installing metal shingles is environmentally friendly, as they are manufactured using recycled materials and keep traditional shingles out of landfills. Our metal shingles can also help reduce energy costs and are lighter than regular roofing products.

Metal shingle warranties to protect you

You won’t find a better metal shingle warranty in Chatham-Kent. We keep your metal shingles looking and performing the way they need to. We ensure all wear and tear as well as manufacturing defects are all covered.

If you are in the Chatham-Kent area, we can visit your address to give you a free metal shingle estimate.

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