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Metal Shingles Lakeshore

Jan 3, 2017, by Abstract Marketing,

Lakeshore home and business owners know that Double AA Metal Roofing is their local source for high-performing metal shingles, engineered to outperform traditional roofing materials. Your Lakeshore home or business will benefit from the last roof you will ever need to buy. Our large inventory, with over 80 metal shingle types to choose from, means we have what you need to complete your commercial or residential installation.

Unlock the potential of your home or business by choosing a metal roof installation completed by our fully certified and WSIB insured metal shingle installation team.

Precision engineered metal shingles

Complement your Lakeshore home with our beautiful metal shingles. Though traditional shingles offer the benefit of a lower initial cost, your metal shingles offer decades more protection and will not have to be replaced like a traditional roof.

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing the installation of our sustainable metal shingles, not only will you keep traditional roofing materials out of landfills, our metal shingles are also engineered using recycled materials.

Long lasting metal shingle warranties

The life of our high quality metal shingles is extended with our comprehensive warranties, ensuring your new metal roof in Lakeshore performs just as it should. Not only do our metal shingle warranties cover manufacturers defects, they also protect from wear and tear.

We can attend your Lakeshore home or business to provide you with a metal shingle estimate.

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