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Metal Shingles Leamington

Jan 3, 2017, by Abstract Marketing,

Double AA Metal roofing is an experienced metal roofing company, providing high quality metal shingles to Leamington home and business owners. Our metal shingles are engineered to outperform conventional roofing materials. Let us install our metal shingles on your Leamington home or business and experience the difference first-hand. Browse our inventory, with over 80 metal shingle styles to choose from and find the last roof you will ever need to purchase.

Experience the quality that our experienced and fully certified metal shingle installation team brings to your metal roofing project.

High quality metal shingles

Protect your Leamington home with our durable metal shingles. We offer metal shingles that give you a beautiful roof that is worry-free and sustainable. Though traditional shingles have a lower initial cost, your metal shingles will outlast other roofing products for decades.

Not only are our metal shingles a smart lifetime investment, they also help your home run efficiently and are environmentally friendly. Our metal shingles can help lower your energy costs and are manufactured using recycled components.

Metal shingle warranties to protect your home

All of our Leamington metal shingle installations are supported by our extensive warranties, ensuring the longevity of your metal shingles. We ensure that our metal shingle warranties cover both wear and tear and manufacturing defects.

If you are located in or around the Leamington area, let us visit your home or business to give you a metal shingle estimate.

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