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Steel Roofing for Lakeshore

Steel Roofing for Lakeshore

Jan 9, 2020, by Abstract Marketing,

Assisting the Lakeshore area, Double AA Metal Roofing offer advanced steel roofing. We ensure our steel roofing material is the highest quality available in Lakeshore to allow our roofing products to serve as the last roof you will ever need to purchase.

With a large selection of over 80 steel roofing materials, at Double AA Metal Roofing we give you a multitude of options, including steel roofing materials that are ideal for commercial and residential use.

Full Service Steel Roofing

Ensuring you receive a steel roof installation that is as pleasant as possible, our fully certified WSIB insured steel roofing team is ready to serve you. We ensure our Lakeshore roofing installations are covered by an in-depth warranty to help ensure the longevity of your new steel roof.

To ensure you’re fully covered, our roofing warranties protect from wear and tear, which rarely occurs with our steel roofing installations, along with flaking, cracking, rusting, and peeling.

Well Designed Steel Roofs

Built to sustain over 120mph winds, our steel roofs also come equipped with a class-4 hail rating, fully protecting your steel roof through any unpredictable weather found in the Lakeshore area.

Energy Star Rated

All of our steel roofing products are manufactured using recycled materials, are ready for solar panel installations, and are Energy Star Rated. We can guarantee that your Lakeshore premises will see an increase in efficiency with the installation of a new steel roof.

If you are in the Lakeshore area and want to discover more about our FREE no-obligation estimates, phone our office today and reserve your steel roofing estimate.

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